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Fallbrook Smiles Project began in 1993 when Dr. Kathleen Stewart, Dr. Randy Carlson and Don Mykkanen were concerned about the lack of a dental clinic in the Fallbrook community.  Dr. Stewart and Dr. Carlson were dentists in town and knew that resources for residents with limited or no dental insurance coverage was lacking.  Don Mykkanen was a long time resident always active in community projects.   
Funding was obtained through several outlets, including the Fallbrook Regional Health District.  A dental clinic was created in a building on East Alvarado Street that was next to the Fallbrook Family Health Center who soon became a collaborator in running the clinic.  After a  few years, this building has some mold issues and the dental clinic was moved to East Elder Street and continued to be run by the Fallbrook Family Health Center.   Fallbrook Smiles Project also started a restorative dental care program for services beyond those available at the dental clinic.  
When the Fallbrook Family Health Center moved into their new building on South Mission Road, a beautiful state of the art dental clinic was built and today it is run independently of Fallbrook Smiles Project.  
School-based dental education, screening and provision of oral health supplies has also been an activity since the beginning of Fallbrook Smiles Project.  Originally partnering with the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, today this includes the Bonsall Union School District and Vallecitos School District in Rainbow. 
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